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Core Competencies

We pride ourselves on having an arsenal of tools at our disposal. From data cleaning to machine learning, and from basic statistics to artificial intelligence, we aim to find the solution that best meets each client’s unique needs.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning involves building models that improve automatically as they are fed more information. Machine Learning is an effective tool for tackling both classification and regression type problems.

Text Processing

Natural Language Processing is a cutting edge tool allowing analysts to gain valuable insights from unstructured text data. Processing text allows large quantities of text to be modeled and better understood.


Forecasting involves using all available data to predict future sales, demand, shortages, etc. I have experience using a myriad of time series modeling techniques to better utilize trend analysis and predict future target outcomes.

Our Services

Advanced Analytics is quite a broad topic. Below are some additional examples of what exactly that entails.


Statistics is the foundation of all advanced analytics functioning as guideposts for model predictions.

Business Intelligence

Understanding the current state before trying to predict the future. BI covers topics ranging from quarterly reporting to interactive data visualizations.

Cloud Computing

Utilizing third party vendors for storage and computation when your data is too large to be crunched on a local machine.

Deep Learning

Deep Learning refers to a type of neural network, an advanced artificial intelligence model. Often used for image classification and entity recognition.

Data Engineering

Converting data from one format to another. Using different data inputs to automatically calculate a new output.


Extract, Transform, Load. The essential steps in any data migration.

Data Cleaning

Exactly what you think. Properly formatting data, removing incorrect observations, filtering out anything not relavant for our needs.

Non-Linear Models

A non-linear model, when correctly implemented, can uncover a non-linear relationship between variables. Th=is term encapsulates all ML & AI models.

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